What Can I Find in Sultangazi Avizeciler Zone?

When you come to Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi; You can discover different decorative lighting products and chandeliers models that appeal to every taste, every taste, every budget, every style, within more than 50 attending showrooms in the zone.

You will possibly find chandeliers for all tastes in Sultangaz Avizeciler Bölgesi.

  • Classic, traditional, modern, postmodern, retro
  • Crystal, bronze, zinc, alloy, wood
  • Tumbled, chrome, matte, shiny, brilliant!
  • The light coming out of the vase, the light coming from under the Charlo’s hat!
  • Apart from the definition of “chandelier” in your mind, it is possible to find chandeliers that appeal to different trends and different tastes.

Over 10.001 products are waiting for you in more than 50 stores in 150.000 m2 area to discover!

The chandeliers that you may fall in love with, which you will love very much, may be waiting for you in one of the 50 stores in the zone of Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi.