The Story of the Festival

Although the Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi (Sultangazi Chandeliers’ Zone) was established for wholesale, export and architectural projects, it has turned into a very pleasant region with Showrooms where products that appeal to every taste and trend, every demand and every preference are displayed.

Moreover, products suitable for every budget are exhibited in the stores of Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi (Sultangazi Chandeliers’ Zone)

With the establishment of new neighborhoods, such as 5. Levent, Avrupa Konutları, Başakşehir in the immediate vicinity of the Sultangazi Avizeciler Zone, retail customers who discovered chandelier showrooms by chance admire their variety. AYDSİAD The Lighting Manufacturers Businessmen Association Board and Sultangazi Avizeciler Sitesi Board, observed the growing demand form the showroom owners in to attract the end user, decided to organize a promotional activity a shopping festival in the region in order to promote Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi (Sultangazi Chandeliers’ Zone) to the retail customers, and users.

Anthea Organizations Ltd was hired to organize the develop and organizer project. Thus the Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival was developed.