You are invited to Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival

Dear Industry members,
Dear stakeholders,
Dear valued customers

I am very proud to announce that as the board of AYDSİAD Lighting Industrialists Businessmen Association jointly with the board of Sultangazi Avizeciler Sitesi, we are organizing Sultangazi Avizeciler Festivali Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival for the first time this year. The festival that will be organized during the dates of 15th – 21st June 2020, will take place within the Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi (Sultangazi Chandeliers Zone) consisting of Sultangazi Avizeciler Sitesi and its surroundings. It is expected that more than 50 Chandelier manufacturers, importers and retail stores in the region will attend the festival.

As part of the festival this year, we are preparing to host our international export customers, Anatolian wholesale customers, lighting designers who use our chandeliers in lighting projects, architects, decorators, project offices. The festival will take place within our own stores in the Sultangazi Chandeliers Zone. On this occasion, we invite our customers of all profiles to come and visit us, to see and talk about the 2020 season collections and models.

On of our important aim is to invite the end users, the final customers the ladies of Istanbul to explore the Sultangazi Chandeliers Zone and find their dream chandelier.

It is one of our greatest desires to explain that the Sultangazi Chandeliers Zone (Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi) is a region that must be visited if you are to choose a chandelier for your home. Our Showrooms offer chandeliers, decorative lighting solutions for every taste and every style and every trend. We invite you to explore Sultangazi Chandeliers Zone a definite point of attraction.

We invite all our esteemed export customers to visit our showrooms during the festival and explore the opportunity to find new partners to trade with from Istanbul. Istanbul is still the hub of Chandeliers trade in the region

Mustafa Hastaoğlu
AYDSİAD President