Set A Project Appointment

If you are one of the architects, interior designers, decorators or project office officials looking for a chandelier supplier for your decoration projects;

We invite you to Sultangazi Avizeciler Bölgesi (Sultangazi Chandeliers’ Zone):

  • To visit some of 50 and more Showrooms,
  • To discover the diversity of collections exhibited in Showrooms,
  • To discover the suppliers, you can make the special products you are looking for
  • To meet people with whom you will speak and speak the same language
  • To exchange information

When you arrive to the Zone if you expect us

  • To devote some quality time for you
  • To wait for you,
  • To finding the right person to talk with you
  • To have an efficient meeting with the right person

We request from you to set appointments with us from the Sultangazi Avizeciler Festivali Prescheduled Meetings System.

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