Organizing Committee Held Its 2nd Meeting

Organizing Committee Held Its 2nd Meeting

Sultangazi Avizeciler Festival organizing Committee organized its second meeting on Monday morning, February 17, 2020 in TAV CAM store.

AYDSİAD President Mustafa Hastaoğlu and Festival Manager Mehmet Dükkancı received the opinions of the members of the organizing committee.

Issues such as the latest situation regarding the participation of chandelier Showrooms, the opening of the festival website, the way of distribution of the gift products, festival posters, festival whatsup invitations were discussed in the committee meeting.

Stating the common opinion of the organizing committee, AYDSAİD chairman Mustafa Hastaoğlu recommended that all the chandelier manufacturers made their contracts early and benefitted from the works carried out during the promotion of the festival.

Sultangazi Avizeciler Site’s President Hüseyin Sarıçan reminded that as Site management, they encourage all members to take part in the festival.18

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